Japan 2017

Seems like November has become a tradition to go to Japan with Dad. Mom joined us after a week as she was busy with the Culture Crawl art show during that week each year. We started off with a big 15km hike up Mt. Takao and Matsumotyo Castle. We did an Udon Noodle class in a funky little shop in Asakusa. We saw the Emperor’s carriages one morning and the Empress drove buy us in Ginza the next morning and waved. I think she must have recognised us. Since we had the JR pass, everyday was a train adventure to a new destination.

Mom arrived and visiting continued through Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kurashiki, Nara and Yokohama.
There was time for art as well, we got big sheets of paper and we traced art from manhole covers.
In Osaka we met a lovely family with two kids and they invited us for a dinner to their home. We had very nice time and we hope they will visit us in Vancouver.
Nara was a dear fest! ..and I met two Angels in Osaka and Totoro in the mountains.

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