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Hawaii – Kauai

Kauai – was great. My Mom made sure we were busy every second, from off road drives, to the wild beaches, to catamaran sailing and drives through canyons and rivers and an educational Pearl Harbor visit. We celebrated my grandparent’s birthday too :) and met mom’s friend, Nancy. My biggest success was learning how to swim. Well.. I’m still using arm floaters, but I do it all by myself, in any depth you think of. I met a new friend on the catamaran, his name is Ben and he is around 30… Check for yourself, I even managed to get a picture with him. I quite like him. There are lots of pictures to go through so I am not going to write more.
See for yourself! Take your time, mommy prepared 140 pictures – I look like Yoda on one of them.

Pumpkin patch

Just a quick post about last weekend in the pumpkin patch. The pictures say it all…..pumpkins everywhere. We had a chance to go to the farm and pick our own pumpkins, explore the farm and ride in the carriage :) I finished the day sleeping in an IKEA trolley.

Grandmother’s soup and an Ipad

It has been a while since you have all seen me live. This short, courtesy of my Dziadzia, (Grandfather), has been filmed just a few days ago. It basically shows what I am crazy about the most; My Babi’s (Grandmother) soup and an Ipad.

Grandmother’s Soup and an ipad from beata kacy on Vimeo.

Jericho beach with Grandparents and lots of Bobbies (rabbits)

On the second of January we decided to welcome the New Year on Jericho beach (My grandparent’s favourite beach). I was excited to see the Ducks…Well they are Seagulls but I still get confused. We saw Mr. Crow, Bald Eagle and lots of Bobbies (rabbits). Poeple were feeding the Bobbies and I tried to sneak out and try the bread that had been dropped by the bobby, but my mom knew my intentions well and she was watching me the whole time.

Santa forgot that we moved this year.

As you all remember last year, Santa came to visit us. This year I think he forgot that we moved apartments. But that’s ok as my mom went to our old apartment and all the gifts had been dropped off there. Well….It kind of sounds unreal but I guess that’s what my mom is saying. Anyhow we had 10 people over this year, My Grandparents, Amber, my brother Jack’s in laws and Viv (Jack’s girlfriend). We had American/Polish/Chinese traditional meals. The day before we decorated our humongous, and real, tree with crows and pictures of my friends and family. We all got lots of presents, but I have to tell you about a very special one. Santa gave me an app for my mom’s iphone with videos of all my family and friends. I have to press a cute button and I get to see a person talking to me. I had no idea that Santa can write apps. And then the day after I noticed that my mom’s friend Dana had the same app on her phone and she is a programmer so I put 2 and 2 together and I figured that Santa must have got that app from Dana (Cheeky Santa)

Loving Mexico

This time we went to Cabos in Baja California. I fell in love in the warm turquoise ocean, sandy beaches, local boys and mariachis. Most of the day I spent in the water, slowly getting better with my swimming. I saw lots of Pelicans…Well…I still call them “ducks”. My mom can’t catch up with my new tricks and skills as I am a toddler now and things speed up in my age. Parents definitely enjoy my vocabulary: Daddy, Mama (finally), Dziadzia (for Polish friends to understand – meaning Grandpa), Coku (cookie), Quack Quack (Duck), Sssssss (snake), Bat (bath), MeMe (cow’s milk), NeNe (mom’s milk), Shhh (shoes), pat (Ipad)…well that is for now…life is good. Bare with us, mom couldn’t decide on pictures so she has chosen 140 of them 😉