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Yellowstone and Moab 2017

We drove through lots of states, starting from Washington, to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Oregon. The whole 8 day trip felt like a month and we did a good 4800 km.
Yellowstone was all about Coyotes this time, we saw 3 of them and for the first few days we thought they were wolves. Even an online comparison is very hard to judge by, especially in Yellowstone as they do look very alike. We saw some big moose but were too late with the cameras. As always we saw bisons, prong horned antelope, deer, bull elk and longhorn sheep. My parents were laying off from taking pictures and coyotes made their day already.
We headed south to Moab. Since we managed to get permission to go off road on White Rim in the Canyonlands, dad decided to do some off road practising in Arches National Park. It tuned out to be a very hard and challenging route, way harder than the White Rim. For sure we had some fun but some parts made our eyes twice as big.
Canyonlands off road scenery was stunning, probably the best my parents saw.
We will be back for sure!!!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The day started at 6am when mom decided to be first on the beach. It was worth it as the sunrise was spectacular. Cabo San Lucas went though a rough time last year and due to a hurricane all the beaches were washed out. Big change since we last were here 5 years ago. Very hard to get to the Lover’s Beach by boat, a steep deep entrance and you pretty much have to jump from the boat to the sandy ground, and you have a window of only a few seconds as the waves are pretty big. In the end we managed, the prize was empty beach just for us and picture opportunities for mom. This time there was lots of posing 😉 Even mom managed to be photographed. On the way back we saw a man giving fish to a random sea lion at the shore, of course we couldn’t resist and we went his way and did the same thing :) Priceless.
Enjoy 2 pages of pictures.

Klondike 1896

Keeping the tradition alive from each trip :)


Happy Holidays!!!!

Santa Photo at Grouse Mountain 12.21.15-5098

Europe Epic Trip, Chapter 3, Plitwice National Park, Croatia

Pictures from Plitwice National Park got lost in translation in previous post. Here we go. It was stunning, 5 hike among exceedingly beautiful waterfalls.

Feb/March 2015 what’s new

Last month was busy busy…3 birthday parties, new projects and special visit from my lovely auntie Iwonka. Kim ( guitar maker ) visited us with his family. I had to eat extra meat portions to keep up with the speed 😉 ( picture to prove). Mom had some fun with her new app, changing me to princes.
Check for yourself. We are off for a vacation tomorrow therefore this post I kept short and sweet.

Christmas Concert 2014

I am slowly catching up. Here is “poor” version of my Christmas Concert at daycare. The lighting was pretty none existing hence the video quality. Enjoy!!!

3rd year in 8 min

Tradition demands that I post a crystallized view, in 8 minutes phone quality video, of my 3rd year. Enjoy!!!!

2-3 year adventure in 7 minutes

Tradition demands that i post a crystallized view,  in 7 minutes phone quality video, of my 2nd year. Enjoy!!!!

Ginger’s 2nd year till 3rd birthday from beata kacy on Vimeo.

A year in 6 minutes

I was planning to post this on my second birthday but didn’t manage it in time 😉 Here it is, 6 minutes of my year between my 1st and 2nd birthday. Keep your expectations low as it is just iphone quality and random stuff found on my mom’s phone.

Ginger 2nd year from beata kacy on Vimeo.