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“Frozen” took my recent attention and I had to shift from John Wayne movies, well…. just for a bit. Last week we had a big “Frozen” night, we invited my grandparents, uncle Greg and aunty Tomoko. I was telling lots of spoilers as it was probably my 50th time watching it. Acting and singing all the songs to such a great audience was a blast, with (You can check for yourself) the main “let it go ” song acting and singing. Sorry for the phone quality but you get the idea.
Yesterday was another Frozen event, this time with my gals from school.
Enjoy my performance

Frozen Night from beata kacy on Vimeo.

Below you can find some of my latest words and conversations:

Ginger: When I am 5 years old can I walk by myself from school to grandparents?
Mom: Yes for sure (thinking no way in her head).
Ginger: Great! I will pick my self up very early.

Ginger: Did you see my upper eyelashes, they are soo long!
Daddy: Yes they are lovely
Ginger: Why my lower case eyelashes are soo short?

Play Date with my buddies

Last weekend was friend’s weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday we had play dates. Elliot and Liam were visiting us from LA and Leon joined us for the party. On Sunday Jara (my day care buddy) came to play. See for yourself, we all had a blast :)