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Sun Peaks with my girls

Sun Peaks was epic. Four girls on skis followed by parents. Despite -17 at times we had a blast.  We had great convincing power and got permission to ski on Disaster! (blue run)  and sleep overs with all my friends in a room. We had the best ever (well first ever) two sleeps overs and we did really well, our parents never complained. We didn’t run out  of energy until the very end. Skiing followed by sledding, movies, sleep overs and repeated again..three days non-stop. Elsa the dog was with us most of the time and I miss her a lot. I am looking forward to another great trip like this one. Only phone quality pictures taken by all the parents.

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Birkenhead camping trip
Last trip of the summer was camping at Birkenhead lake. It was bunch of us and lots of kids. I had a blast with lots of freedom every day, mom said it was like “the olden days”  I biked, walked around, went to the the beach and had very little parent supervision. Koben and I even saw a bear on one of our walks in the forest.
We did lots of canoeing on both days, swam and hung out with friends on the beach. The parents were very happy to have time for themselves too just sometimes we had to do kid search when everybody realized that somebody was missing. 😉 and I have no clue how it happened that organizers of that trip are not on the pictures.
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2017 London, UK
London was triple special! I met my dear Aunty Liz (Lizzie) and we a had fantastic time together. I miss her very much. Mom met with her childhood friend ( they knew each other since they were 5 years old) and they haven’t seen each other for over 25 years. I spent some time with her daughter Mia and I am hoping to visit her again. London was just too cool, awesome and fabulous, it was very special for mom to be back.

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2017 Prague

Prague was short and sweet. My sister Amber flew to see us there with Josh Posh. We had great time together visiting places, eating out and chilling with good beer. I was allowed to taste some beer when we went to the beer museum. Communist museum was interesting, it is hard to relate to it, but mom was a great tour guide. Enjoy!!!

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2017 Malta, Gozo, Comino
Malta was hot, water was warm and turquoise. Snorkling was great and my biggest achievement was 3 meter cliff jump. We did some kayaking, boating, lots of beach time and cultural. Picking wild figs, grapes straight from the car was truly something. We even saw 3 wild chameleons and changing their colors in front of us was priceless.
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our ceremony

written by Nik, vow master Ginger, pictures by us + tripod

We three stand here,
where stone meets sea,
a place for us,
of family,

And think of future,
here, on this earth,
a mutual time,
together, shared.

Will you both,
take care of each,
love, protect,
in stormy seas?

we will..

Will your hands,
be always tied,
your hearts together,
lay side by side?

we will..

Will you do
these things in peace,
beyond the grasp
of others reach?

we will..

that being said,
with daughter’s love,
wife and husband,
you have become

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150 years and tour in Canada continues

As part of the Canadian 150 celebration this year we all went back east to Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto.The main reason was to visit Tia Rosa and Jose. I met two lovely girls and together with Tia Rosa we did a mentos/pop explosion experiment, piñata, made candy sushi, did arts and crafts and of course visited places. In St Maria canyon together with mom we did some canyoning, I loved it!!! Quebec City is super cute, Montreal was fun as always especially on the obstacle course at the Pirate Ship and Visiting Embassy of San Salvador. The highlights of Toronto was Niagara falls which we saw from the front, behind, above and at the water level.

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Back to Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island you are just too beautiful and we couldn’t resist going back. This time with the grandparents to celebrate Canadian 150 birthday. Parksville, Tofino, Denman and Hornby Island were on our agenda. We managed to find beaches just for ourselves (mom’s choice) and we saw bears, seals and plenty of eagles. In Tofino we hooked up with Lila and Oliver and the fun began.

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Tofino 2017

Tofino was a blast. Lots of beach time. Lifting rocks at low tide, picking up starfish, crabs and other creatures. We were lucky to see 7 black bears, 4 grey whales, tons of bald eagles, harbour seals, sea lions, and sea otters. Seeing puffins for a first time was super special. I met lovely girl named Page, we spent lots of adventures time together and we may see each other next year in the same place.
There are more pictures of bears than me 😉 I guess I just need to get used to it.
Pictures taken by mom and dad.

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Beijing, China 2017

Over Easter me and mom visited my day care buddy Juliana and Elleina in Beijing China. We had so much fun spending the weekend and weekday evenings together. Mom packed our days to visit lots of interesting places. Despite thousands of tourists in some attractions mom wasn’t complaining as 99% of the tourists were from China, what is the difference? They come from different parts of China and they dress in their traditional clothing which looks spectacular and since they love taking pictures with me (I will tell you more about it) mom had great opportunity to take pictures of them.
I was the only western kid we saw and we had to implement a system for visiting busy places. If we stopped for a few minutes crowds surrounded me to take pictures, touch my face, my head, or give me hugs or lift me up. Mom had to be very assertive plus we tried to avoid stopping while walking. There was nothing wrong with taking a picture if asked but touching ????;(
In general people were very happy, smiley and loud.
We spent a few days driving outside of Beijing. We saw amazing Guyaju an ancient rock dwelling, Cuandixia Villiage, Longqing Gorge, and of course the Great Wall of China.
We managed a painless visit( after the second attempt) to see the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Summer Palace.
Mom couldn’t resist going to the Flea Market were she showed me her bargaining skills, then the Silk Market with all the famous knockoffs and last but not least the Night Food Market were we didn’t eat anything after seeing live scorpions on sticks to snack on.
One of the favourite parts of Beijing was the 789 Art District. Mom was blown away. I managed to take a jewellery class there while mom was wandering around. We will be back to spend at a least few days at 789.
Special thanks to our guide David for showing us secret China. Pictures are taken by mom, me and David.

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