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3rd year in 8 min

Tradition demands that I post a crystallized view, in 8 minutes phone quality video, of my 3rd year. Enjoy!!!!


After our Poland adventure we headed off to Sweden. It has been 20 years for my mom and was very special to get to see her second family from far far away. We got the warmest welcome on earth, no wonder my mom always talks about her amazing childhood over there.

We stayed in the Garden House right at the lake, with my own little beach. I swam in the lake almost everyday, did some canoeing, fishing with my uncle and jet-skiing which was super cool and very fast. Family time was special too, 13 of us were together almost all the time, at breakfast, dinner and playtime. I played lots of soccer with my new buddy Theo. I even got a swedish soccer jersey with my name on it. I also had the chance to go to the glass factory and I blow my own glass christmas ornaments. On the way back from Sweden we brought Jorgen (The head of the family) back to Vancouver.

Check for yourself.


It was a long warm summer. We managed to go overseas (First time for me) and visit my mom’s roots.
Poland it is.

I loved every aspect of it: Weronika’s house, my new friends Antos and Karolcia, Krakow, my mom’s lovely aunty Lidzia in Warsaw, mom’s house in her hometown, and the new owners Krzysztof and Urszula who made almost a Christmas dinner for us, all of mom’s friends that we visited there…perogies, princepolo…ah and my new nail Polish done by Weronika.

Next post about Sweden.

Frozen by Ginger

Elsa by Ginger from beata kacy on Vimeo.

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Am I a Ballerina yet?

Eight weeks of ballet class came to an end. I had great fun with my friends and my great teacher. See you all in September.

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Japan was our new adventure. I loved every aspect of it, from great food, traditional Japanese accommodation, biking in Kyoto, bowing to everybody and even attempting to speak Japanese.
It happened to be my mom’s big 40th birthday to celebrate too so double fun :) Enjoy Tokyo and Kyoto.

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Radically Canadian

Here’s a video Danny Berish, Roman Magbanua and Ryan Mah made for the David Suzuki Foundations radically Canadian campaign! Watch me and my mom at 55 second. Enjoy!!!!

Radically Canadian from Black Rhino Creative on Vimeo.

May The Fourth Be with You

Last Sunday we decided to celebrate Star Wars Day in an unusual way. One of the Anglican churches decided to celebrate the day during the Sunday service. It was a great experience!!! The Priest was Obi One, another priest was Princess Leia, plenty of Darth Vaders and some cute grannies as futuristic creatures. Enjoy Ginger in media.

Global News

The Province, check under photos

Global News, we are on 50th second

CBC News;
Picture #2

Picture #1 and #6

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Following John Wayne

Our last week road trip was dedicated to John Wayne as I am his biggest fan. I even thought to marry him until my mom said that he already died. My love began after seeing, The Searchers about 20 times. It was time to go to “John Wayne land” so we did. We visited 5 National Parks- Zion, Bryce, Arches, Monument Valley and Grand Canyon, which was priceless. Monument Valley was the key point as that was the place where “The Searchers” was made. We spotted the exact rock formation which was present in the movie.
Driving along the Colorado river in Moab, we got to a lodge with a Cowboy Museum and of course a big John Wayne statue. In Moab we got my very fist cowboy boots.
I got a little souvenir from the trip which was a water bottle with John Wayne on it. I brought the bottle to School the day after and told my friends and teachers about John Wayne. My schoolmates all touched the bottle and asked if John Wayne had super powers and if he is a super hero… I guess he is.

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Happy Holidays!!!