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Summer is over

Summer was spectacular this year, since you can’t see a green looking patch of grass you can imagine how much sun we got. Of course lots of activities comes with it, beach time, ocean time, adventures, road trip, play dates, park time, camping, my best friend Yara birthday party and many more.  My sister was here for almost a month and 1/2 and we did a lot. See for yourself.

2-3 year adventure in 7 minutes

Tradition demands that i post a crystallized view,  in 7 minutes phone quality video, of my 2nd year. Enjoy!!!!

Ginger’s 2nd year till 3rd birthday from beata kacy on Vimeo.

3rd Birthday Party

Last weekend was my 3rd birthday party. Thank you all for the wishes, presents and your participation in my Star Wars birthday adventure. My actual birthday is on the 6th but we celebrated earlier so I could have my sister (R2D2) with me. My Dad was Obi One and Mom Princess Leia, and the little munchkin with the green hat is me as Yoda. My Grandmother was a Darth Vader and Grandad a Storm Trooper and Uncle Greg – was my favorite Han Solo. My dear friends were there to celebrate with me and even the real Princes Leia came and had a show, ….but that was kind of strange, as she was quite silly and on TV she is very serious. May the force be with you.

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Orcas Island Road Trip

4 days on Orcas Island, short and sweet :) Watch for yourself :) Turn the music on…phone made.

August 2013 trip from beata kacy on Vimeo.

Farewell at todlers Day Care

Time for a new post it has been quiet lately on my blog. So what’s new? My sister Amber is in town, summer had a great start with the hottest July ever recorded and I moved to the 3-5 big kids group.
You can see the attached pictures from my farewell book I got from my teachers.

Jose’s Birthday & Father’s Day Adventure

Last weekend, together with Kristal and Jose, we went to a small island on Harrison lake. We were apparently the only ones on the island. An old wooden cabin on the rocks with millions of stairs. We didn’t have electricity, everything was ran by solar power, propane or candles :) It was a nice and relaxing weekend. The Spanish team took us for the boat ride 😉 Dad was fishing, Mom and Kristal succeeded in jumping into 14 Degrees Celsius water and after-hours, (when I was in bed) The Spanish, Venezuelan and Polish team played 4 hours of monopoly. Check for yourself.

My drawings

My mom decided to post my last 12 months creations as they do start resemble recognizable forms instead of abstract.

My mommy and daddy – June 2012 ( under 2 years old)

My uncle Greg – May 2013

Video – Piggy – May 2013

Pig by Ginger from beata kacy on Vimeo.

Video – my uncle Greg- May 2013

Uncle Greg by Ginger from beata kacy on Vimeo.

there was lots more but since I use chalk bard or erasable drawing panel we didn’t record lots.

Mom’s birthday

This is just a quick post and short video from my mommies birthday cake moment. My mom said I was very cheeky and fast to blow out mommies candles, check for your self, was I really?

Happy Birthday Mommy from beata kacy on Vimeo.


You may find this video too long but my mom couldn’t resist putting together all the little clips of my new skill. She is very proud of me :)

Ginger swimming 2013 Hawaii from beata kacy on Vimeo.

Ginger’s StarWars

Recently I found out that few days ago there was a Star Wars day. As some of you know I am obsessed about Star Wars and all the characters. I particularly like episode V. I know all the lines and scenes there. Little video my mom prepared for you. May the force be with you.

Ginger – Star Wars from beata kacy on Vimeo.