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My cheeky vocabulary for mix Polish and English audience

In this post my mom decided to update you with my cheeky vocabulary and sayings. It is mixed in Polish and English. BTW I am two & a half already.

Ginger is explaining something to her mom, for some reason mom wasn’t playing attention.
Ginger, “Hallo, are you listening Lady?”

Ginger uwaznie slucha dziadka slow. Po przyjsciu do domu mowi:
Ginger: “Mamusiu czy moge dostac Mol?”
Mama: “A co to jest Mol?”
Ginger: “No wiesz, Kurde Mol”

Ginger and Daddy picked up a fish and aquarium. Ginger named her fish Christopher. After 20 minutes staring at her new “friend”, she said…
Ginger: “Daddy, when can we eat Christopher?”

For mature audiences:
Ginger and Daddy walking in town,
Ginger: I am a girl
Daddy: oh ye? what about Mommy?
Ginger: Mommy is a girl too.
Daddy: What about Daddy?
Ginger: You are boy Daddy.
Daddy: Why?
Ginger: You have long tail…

Ginger has been cheeky all evening
Mommy: Where do you take the cheekiness from?
Ginger: From Youtube