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Down Under

We are back home. I really enjoyed Australia, there were lots of new things for me to learn. Our home was on wheels and each morning there was different view and temperature. For the first few days mom put all the clothing she had on me as you can see on the pictures it was very cold, I could even see my own breath. The last week however was super toasty and I was allowed to sleep only in my diapers. One thing I like the most about Aussie land is that they allow babies to stay in the car seat at the front facing forward, so together with mom and dad we were sitting in front of our moving house. We did around 4 500 km all the way from Sydney to Cook-town. We lived a simple life I think since my parents washed me in the bucket next to fire. We visited my parents friends close to Sydney and my moms friends in Brisbane, it was a great break as I could play with their lovely kids. I had the chance to go to Steve Irwin’s (Crocodile Hunter) Zoo where I met a wombat, a few koalas and feed kangaroos. On my dads shoulders i visited lost of beautiful wild beaches, saw whales in the ocean, and lots of dead kangaroos near the road :( and some life one too :)
My mom has been told a lot that it’s a pity I would not remember our Australian adventure. Well, they are wrong. I will remember very well each bird crossing my path, whales bridging the water, singing leaves on the trees, walks in the jungle searching for wildlife sounds, baths in the bucket, my dad’s cooking in the campervan and every smiley face. That’s what will make me who I am so I will definitely remember that.

As for new tricks, I can send kisses, pretend to sneeze, wave, play peekaboo covering my ears instead of my eyes, do energy transfer with my index finger, and shake my head for happy Hulk. You may see them all soon on the next post.

Well enjoy the pictures hope they do tell the story.

Oh btw kids never fly with Australian airlines -they don’t allow strollers to gates.