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CUBA I finally got my passport after being rejected a few times due to my photographs not being correct, kind of ironic each time somebody is taking a picture of me they try to make me smile whereas once I smiled the passport office didn’t like it. Anyhow we went for my first adventure trip, well kind of second considering that I was in my moms belly while she was traveling to Mexico last year. I fell in love in our destination, Cuba. The warm weather, ocean’s sounds, wind’s whispers, palm trees lullabies and the friendless people sold me the place right away. I loved the plane ride, snoozing on the beach, playing all day outside, crazy 1957 taxi ride to Havana without seat belts, and I had my very first chocolate. My parents fell in love in Cuba especially with Havana and its lovey people, there will be more pictures on my parents blog from the trip. For now you can see how I spent my days there.

Ginger’s bread

Today my dad baked for me small loaf of bread. I am not eating real food yet but that was my very first bread made just for me to try :) I loved playing with it and get some taste of it but I am sure I will take better advantage of my dads cooking in 2 months. My mom of course took the opportunity to take more pictures of my toes.