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snow, immunization and a showerbath…

Yesterday I saw snow for the very first time, it was so exciting that i couldn’t fall to sleep, well my parents think that the immunization shots I got yesterday was the reason. Anyhow snow is super cool :) except that it was all gone once I woke up. Tonight my dad gave me nice bath with shower, it was super exciting catching water drops in the air and I even try to drink it. All this happened in our kitchen sink, who would know that kitchen can be soo much fun.

very first fashion show

Christmas is over, it was wonderful experience. We all gathered at my grandparents place to celebrate. Even Santa manage to visit us and bring lovely presents. Today was rainy day. Mom decided to do a very first fashion show for me. I got lovely dress from Aunt Tomoko, she made it herself. So here you go a few shots from today’s event :)


Meeting Santa

Today was a very special day. Santa manged to come and see all the children at mom’s work. It was very magical. I sat on Santa’s lap and got a lovely gift. We even had a magician showing us tricks. I loved all the colours, lights and glitter. I even skipped my nap so i didn’t miss anything. BTW a few days ago I discovered my feet, they are fun to play with. I guess that will be my mom’s new photography object.