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10th week birthday…

Yesterday was my 10th week birthday. I am way over 5 kg and 60 cm long. I got my first dose of vaccinations and went to the pub a few times, well that was pretty much from day first 😉 I guess that is my English part. Enjoy our new shots. It is hard to believe but I have only 3 pictures with my mom, this is why we decide to take some more today :)

Girl or Boy

Walking the streets we get lots of comments about how cute of a boy I am, well today we decided to dress me in girly clothing. So all the pictures are dedicated especially to my dad who complains to mom for constantly dressing me like a boy. BTW I am 8 week old today. Enjoy!

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…Trees in front of our apartment are covered in gorgeous warm colors. Today we sat with my dad in front of our windows to admire Vancouver fall. Dad was showing me different trees and streets, cars passing by, lights changing on the road signs…..Beautiful moments.

Special day

Seems like November 1st has many special meanings. Back home, my mom’s origin, everybody gathers at cemeteries of their relatives and friends who passed away. I am going to light a candle for my great grandparents tonight, mom and dad has many pictures and stories about them waiting for me. Today was my first Halloween with its many scary faces. I was dressed up as Bumble Bee or Bee Maya (well known in Poland), pictures attached. And at last but not least today is my Aunt Weronika’s birthday. Weronika and my mom have known each other for 32 years. They shared their life from early childhood till now and for many, many years ahead. Can’t wait to meet you Aunty Weronika, Happy Birthday !!!!!

..with Greg and Tomoko

We finally manged to get some recent pictures with my uncle Greg and aunt Tomoko. On Sunday afternoon we gathered at my grandparent’s place and had dinner together.

Lovely time and everybody was spoiling me 😉

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day in the art studio…

Today started boring with diaper shopping in costco. Well soon after it got more exciting when my mom took me to her’s and daddy’s art studio. We spent the entire afternoon there, daddy worked on the new bag, and tested it on me as you can see in the pictures, and mom worked on her new felted belts. I had a chance to play with my mom’s new riveter and test my new studio basket/crib.

Pictures were taken with an Iphone and an app Hipstsamatic

Afternoon with Daddy

Today Daddy worked from home and had all afternoon just for me :) We played on the couch, snoozed a bit and played again. Just a simple day but so much love in it :)

just a day…

Today at the doctor’s I found out that I am 4.630 kg and 57cm long. The rest of afternoon we spent at my grandparent’s playing with my dearest friend, Andrew. He is very caring, he changed my diapers and even put cream on my red butt. He is only 3 years old and he even knew how to hold me properly. Apparently he keeps asking my grandparents everyday if i can talk yet. :) In the evening using kitchen scale my dad made sure the doctor was right with my weight ;). You can see it all on the pictures below.

2nd month…

2nd month, thanksgiving, 5th week mark and first intentional smile :)

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