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Vegas and 45C Celsius (114 Fahrenheit) in Death Valley

Right after my birthday we took off to Las Vegas in Nevada. It was a last minute trip due to the great deal my mom found online…no wonder as it was 45 Celsius there. :)
Any how we had a great time visiting Death Valley National Park and enjoyed Vegas lights, food and night life (sleeping in the stroller)
See for yourself.

My 2nd Second Birthday

As you remember we had my 2nd birthday a week before so that my Sister Amber, could celebrate with me, and of course, Jack and Viv too. (Check the post before) On my actual birthday day I had all my buddies over. Romus and Tomus came with their family Kazia, Agata, Martin, and Leon with Mimi, Koben with Amanda and Andrew with his parents Greg and Diana. My dear Katka and Kristal came too :) And of course my loving Grandparents and Uncle Greg and Aunt Tomoko.

My mind was with all my buddies who are far away and I know they thought about me too :) Thank you to my cousin Yann for sending me a gift all the way from Montreal and Eliot and Liam in LA. Dana I miss you a lot !!!! I will see you soon in October down in LA. Thank you for birthday wishes from my dearest Tia Rosa, Uncle Klaus, Aunt Terry and Iwonka. Big hug and kiss to Liliana for giving me crying baby 😉 and other lovely gifts.

I would like to thank everybody for the wonderful wishes and all their gifts.

I had a really good time, lots of kid’s energy (running around and jumping). Everybody sang Happy Birthday for me and I had the chance to blow two candles out and make a wish. My mom did a wish for me as I wasn’t sure what that means. Her wish was so i can sleep through the night ….and that night, for the first time i did… till now a week later….

Pictures from the daycare birthday party are below too.

August with my sister

I had a blast with Amber. We had lots of adventures together from a road trip and camping on the west coast, more than a dozen beach days, 4 birthdays, 2 goodbye parties, plenty of restaurant time with great food, girls shopping day out, a day in the letterpress shop, gay parade…and many more…well you can see for your self….I am getting ready for Amber’s visit in Christmas and our new video project.

and little addition to the post:
Conversation in the elevator with my mom on the way home from my grandparents

Mom: Ginger it is already 7 o’clock, and you do know what that means right? …Bed time.
Ginger: ooo Mummy can you hear little voice “Ginger Ginger play with me” I think Ipad needs me.

Big 2 coming up

To all of you far far away…you will all be in my thoughts while I am eating *czekolata cake next Thursday at 6pm.

*czekolata, read chocolate

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Another Road Trip

Another summer, another great trip with my sister Amber. Yesterday we all got back from our road trip around Washington state. Below is our phone made video, filmed, edited and uploaded on the road from my moms phone so keep your expectations low. More pictures and info about my month with my sister is soon to come.
In terms of new skills: I can sing lots of songs but now I make up words to existing songs and make it rhyme, I can sit in the car for a 9 hour car ride and scream only if I don’t get cheese sticks, well the ipad is my car saver. I still can’t distinguish if I want “poop” or “little farts” but I go to washroom just encase in both cases. I can easily switch conversation from Polish to English or the other way around when is needed. Enjoy

Washington Road Trip 2012 from beata kacy on Vimeo.

Special Dresses

Last Sunday my mom took all my special dresses and we did a photo shoot in my grandparent’s building’s garden. The first flamenco one I got from my dearest Terry and Klaus, they brought it all the way from Spain. Second one is from my Aunt Carolyne from her 6 month trip in South East Asia, Third one is from mega talented Lilly, my moms student and friend. Lilly did it herself and the fabric she got from Alice In Wonderland. And the very last one is my mom’s when she was my age. My grandmother kept it for all those years, and just gave it to my mom a few days ago. You can see the last picture is my mom. Wasn’t she cute? Enjoy!

San Francisco

Together with Babcia, Dziadzia and my mom, we went for another adventure. This time to San Francisco. To my, and my mom’s, surprise it was very cold and windy. We had an agenda full of attractions. I saw lots of sharks in the SF aquarium. Sea Lions in the bay, big red Golden Gate Bridge (well 1/2 in a fog) and Alcatraz where the naughty kids are kept, at least that was what i was told. We did hop in hop out bus which allowed us to visit the entire city without tiring my mom out from carrying me up the steep city hills. Crockett Lombard street was fun too, we even managed to stroll down behind the cars. Golden Gate Park had so many attractions that it was hard to choose. We saw Bison’s, Japanese Tea Garden where I threw pennies into the pond and the 100 years old windmills. On the last day we fought the cold and went to the outdoor pool, people were watching us in their winter jackets. Shortly before the flight we visited my moms jewelry Guru, Hadar Jacobson.
Enjoy the pictures

July 8th Weekend

Last weekend was full of excitement and adventures. It started off in Ayden gallery where my mom was part of the Tom’s Art of Giving Show. On Saturday we spent time in Brighton Park and drove to Ladner to see The Bird’s Sanctuary and to pick up strawberries from the farm. On Sunday we drove to Mission for a Barbecue where I patted the big horses and little Gozer.

Celebrating Canada day in Whistler

Last Sunday we drove to Whistler to celebrate Canada day. Pick to Pick gondola took us high in the mountains where there is still snow and cold. We saw 3 black bears from the gondola and 2 big ones on the way home next to the road. It was a great day, sunny in the village and cloudy up in the gondola, there were times that i couldn’t see anything. Well see for yourself.

Canada Day

Today is a big day for Canadians and I am among one of them. Well…. my heart belongs to England and Poland too 😉 let’s celebrate Canada day together by singing the Canadian Anthem.

Canada Day from beata kacy on Vimeo.