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Grandmother’s soup and an Ipad

It has been a while since you have all seen me live. This short, courtesy of my Dziadzia, (Grandfather), has been filmed just a few days ago. It basically shows what I am crazy about the most; My Babi’s (Grandmother) soup and an Ipad.

Grandmother’s Soup and an ipad from beata kacy on Vimeo.

Last week at daycare.

My teacher Grace, at daycare, gave me a nice farewell booklet with all my drawings (malu malu) and pictures in action. At the end of the booklet all my teachers had each wrote a few words to me. It all felt very special. I saw mommy and daddy with tears in their eyes. I scanned the pages so you can all see it.

Welcome to todlers group

My adventure at the infant daycare group is coming to an end. Next week I am officially moving up to the toddlers group. The upgrade doesn’t only come with a bigger sandbox and more toys, but with more interactions with the older kids (Up to 3 years old) and potty training. Well..I have been using the potty with success since I was 8 months old but at that time it didn’t qualify me to be a big girl. Next week I am officially a big girl and 18th months old….Unfortunately the package comes with another vaccine though :(