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My very first feature

I sneaked into my mom’s work and got featured in 2 blogs. YAY!!!!!!! Look at the little bundle my mom is holding.

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Jericho beach with Grandparents and lots of Bobbies (rabbits)

On the second of January we decided to welcome the New Year on Jericho beach (My grandparent’s favourite beach). I was excited to see the Ducks…Well they are Seagulls but I still get confused. We saw Mr. Crow, Bald Eagle and lots of Bobbies (rabbits). Poeple were feeding the Bobbies and I tried to sneak out and try the bread that had been dropped by the bobby, but my mom knew my intentions well and she was watching me the whole time.

Welcome to my daycare

I have been in day care since July 2011 and I am loving it. There are about 12 of us kids, and 4 lovely teachers. I am in the same group as my buddy Eliot. We have a water tank to play with, which changes to a sand box from time to time. I can play with play-dough as much as I can eat…..I mean as much as I want. Even eating blueberries is part of an art project. We have an outside mobile which takes us to places as well as indoor slides and tons of toys. I sleep from 12:00-1:30 on the cool looking beds, sorry no pictures available. Next month is my last month as I am graduating to The Toddlers group (I guess eating play-dough isn’t allowed anymore)