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Santa forgot that we moved this year.

As you all remember last year, Santa came to visit us. This year I think he forgot that we moved apartments. But that’s ok as my mom went to our old apartment and all the gifts had been dropped off there. Well….It kind of sounds unreal but I guess that’s what my mom is saying. Anyhow we had 10 people over this year, My Grandparents, Amber, my brother Jack’s in laws and Viv (Jack’s girlfriend). We had American/Polish/Chinese traditional meals. The day before we decorated our humongous, and real, tree with crows and pictures of my friends and family. We all got lots of presents, but I have to tell you about a very special one. Santa gave me an app for my mom’s iphone with videos of all my family and friends. I have to press a cute button and I get to see a person talking to me. I had no idea that Santa can write apps. And then the day after I noticed that my mom’s friend Dana had the same app on her phone and she is a programmer so I put 2 and 2 together and I figured that Santa must have got that app from Dana (Cheeky Santa)

Christmas zyczenia

Merry Christmas i Szczesliwego Nowego Year – This is my progress with my dual languages 😉

My second Christmas

My second Christmas is coming up and it’s full of excitement. Last Saturday we had a big party at mom’s work and even Santa came. I hope it’s not strange that i didn’t want to sit on his lap. Poor Santa, he never gets any gifts for Christmas. Anyhow the party was great, we had a blast. All my friends were there, as you can see on the pictures. In a few days my sister is coming from the UK and I can’t wait for all the fun we will have together. I can talk a lot now, we can read books together and play hide and seek. I eat by myself with a spoon so we can even have proper dinners together, I am basically a big girl now. Christmas wishes in the new post.

Geegee on Eastside Culture Crawl

Last weekend was my second Culture Crawl at my parent’s Octopus Studios. Last year I was in the crib sleeping for most of it however this time I was running around and admiring everybody’s art. There was over 1104 people at the Studio so there was plenty of people to get attention from :) BTW Kim the guitar guy is the nicest guy ever, not sure why I just didn’t feel like smiling. Oh and i forgot to mention that my mom’s face is all over the town 😉
As for new skills, I can say Geegee which means Ginger; Gash (my uncle Grzegorz – well give me some credit here look at the full name yourself), Apple, Fish. My sign language is top notch and I can guess whose clothing my mom is folding from the laundromat. I can run and fall (not sure if the last one counts).

Finally I am old enough to be an artist

A few weeks ago my parents hung a big chalk board where I could practice my lines and techniques. Today was a big deal as I was painting for real on the paper with water colors and stamping with potato stamps. Enjoy my first art pieces.

My second Halloween

This time I was a duck. Pretty much my first words were Duck quakquak so it was easy to decide who i was going to be. Day before I went for Baily’s birthday party, next day I had a big parade at my day care (I hope to have some pictures from that event soon). We all went out in the big stroller and walked around the city it did feel pretty special. After that I went to my mom’s work where I had a chance to meet up with my friends: Dagny, Leon and Eliot. The exciting day finished at home with high fever, well I ended up staying home for few days and finally start painting. More in next post.