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“Ginger! say Maaamaaa”

Iona beach with Amber and my parents

Another lovely day on our favorite beach.

My first road trip with a tent

Together with my sister Amber and my parents, I took off for a road trip to National Parks in BC and Alberta. On the way we visited my great-aunt Terry and great-uncle Klaus in Kelowna. We had a great time. I tried to be a good girl and make the best impression and I think it worked 😉 since I was allowed to take their cats for a walk. Our next destinations were Banff, Jasper and Kootney National Park where we camped in a foldable home called a tent. We saw plenty of deer, 4 bears (you can even see one grizzly in a picture through my screams in the window) and plenty of mosquitoes which were funny as they prefer blood to milk. Seven long driving days and plenty of things to see and do. Bathing in the sink, eating next to the fire, walking on glaciers and jumping on the sleeping bags in the tent were my favorite things to do. We even went back to 1800 to explore those times. On the way home we found a Polish restaurant called Chatka, my mom was thrilled ..and she ate a lot. As for new tricks, I can stand by myself for a few seconds at a time, Hula dance with my hands, send kisses, play the peekaboo game on my mom’s iphone, talk on the phone and drink from a straw. Oh! and almost forgot I officially joined Kacy-Palmer KEEN fan club 😉 – prove on the picture.